Wednesday, November 4, 2009

YEAST Confused? No more...


YEAST Confused? No more...

Brewers yeast and Nutritional yeast the difference- they are usually grown on 2 different sources.

Brewers yeast is made more with grains and Nutritional yeast made with molasses, that is why the Nutritional is much better tasting. Both of those yeast are deactivated so you don't have to worry about them feeding your body more yeast.

Unlike, bakers yeast is active and it will flourish your body with more yeast, it will feed the problem.

 Nutritional yeast is more popular because it taste much better. One more thing Brewers and Nutritional Yeast has the same nutritional value of all the B vitamins straight across the board.

Why it is so common for many to take nutritional yeast #1 taste better, #2 if there not getting enough source of it from a mixture of foods from meats, grains and produce. Nutritional yeast is a all in one for those B's straight across the board.
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Gina Kopera M.H.

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