Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sick of being sick?

I am going to share with you the first place to start, and this is more powerful then most realize...

  Balance Out the Colon

The specialized cells of the colon and bacteria exist in a fragile balance that can easily be overthrown by food, stress, chemicals in the environment, and overgrowth of yeast. If digestion and colon function is not working well, the body operates in a condition known as auto-intoxication.

Meaning the body is working vigorously to rid yourself of toxins.

When your colon cannot keep up then the toxins are getting recycled, rather than expelled. A constipated colon may be at the foundation of ailments from A to Z that has to do with your body. Here is an analogy to think about: If you had a plugged up toilet would you leave it?

Of course, not, it would stink!

That is what we do with our bodies when we are constipated. It is essential to maintain proper colon function. I cannot stress this enough; this is the number one place to work on first! You will find that affects your body from head-to-toe, young and old, it truly does not matter. No matter how small or big the health concern is; achy foot, cold, headache or incurable disease, the first place to begin is the colon. Get to POOPING and you tell me your results!

I would like to share this testimony with you.


An unexpected result!! My son is twelve years old, affected by a seizure disorder and has autism. I have never been able to get him toilet trained, even with the help of several professional behaviorists. Because of these issues, my son is on many prescription drugs that can't be good for him long term. He also has always suffered with gut issues and has never had a normal bowel movement. [He has undergone] two different professional events of having to clean his colon out with painful and emotional trauma for him and myself.

Out of pure frustration I was telling my good friend, Gina, about the ordeals and she suggested that I should try her PowerPoop to help him establish more normal looking bowels and regular movements. After five weeks on the product I got much more than I had bargained for from my son, Slader. After encouraging him for the millionth time to go poop on the toilet, this time for the very first time, Slader suddenly started walking by himself to the bathroom and I found him sitting on the toilet, having had a bowel movement!! Much to my feeling of having my own little "miracle" he has also never missed the toilet since and it has been six months for him taking the product.
His behavior has also drastically improved at school as well with no clear apparent reason other than starting the product from Gina. (He cannot speak expressively) . He seems overall a more content, happier, and healthier looking boy. I am so happy to tell my story about it.
I am convinced, along with other people, about the healing effects of Gina's PowerPoop, on Slader's colon and maybe giving him the answer to an undiagnosed issue of sensory awareness with his gut!? I am very excited to continue on the venture of giving my son more of Gina's products for hopefully more continued healing to help my son.
- Sheila


This formula will not only encourage the colon to move, it also strengthens and tones the peristaltic muscle to "Learn More" click on the picture.         

Our Price: $ 24.00

I challenge you to be proactive and prevent illness before it begins, get the colon moving. What do you have to lose?


Gina Kopera, M.H.
Gina's Corner

Sick of being sick?

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

YEAST Confused? No more...


YEAST Confused? No more...

Brewers yeast and Nutritional yeast the difference- they are usually grown on 2 different sources.

Brewers yeast is made more with grains and Nutritional yeast made with molasses, that is why the Nutritional is much better tasting. Both of those yeast are deactivated so you don't have to worry about them feeding your body more yeast.

Unlike, bakers yeast is active and it will flourish your body with more yeast, it will feed the problem.

 Nutritional yeast is more popular because it taste much better. One more thing Brewers and Nutritional Yeast has the same nutritional value of all the B vitamins straight across the board.

Why it is so common for many to take nutritional yeast #1 taste better, #2 if there not getting enough source of it from a mixture of foods from meats, grains and produce. Nutritional yeast is a all in one for those B's straight across the board.
Have a Happy and Healthy Day,

Gina Kopera M.H.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Natural Cures for the Common Cold and Flu? You Bet!

Natural Cures for the Common Cold and Flu? You Bet!

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA  – According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), roughly one billion cases of the common cold are contracted each year in America, in addition to tens of millions of cases of the flu. Rather than head off to the family doctor and shell out money on medical bills and deductibles, many people will be searching for natural ways to help rid themselves of the viruses on their own. And the good news is that those ways do exist and have a good track record of working to ease and help eliminate the symptoms of both illnesses.
“Many people are turning to alternative therapies, especially when they get a cold or the flu,” says Gina Kopera, author of the book “Cure Yourself Naturally: What To Do When Your Doctor Cannot Heal You.” She is also a certified master herbalist and owner of Gina’s Corner Healing Herbs and Supplements ( “And there is no reason why they should not. There are many potent herbs and other natural routes to wellness that are faster and lasting.”
For those looking to fight off the common cold and influenza this year, natural solutions are around. The NIH reports that Echinacea, Vitamin C and Zinc are natural options to start with. Echinacea is helpful in boosting the immune system and combating both colds and the flu, as well as sore throats. Additional powerful ways you can help address these illnesses include:
·        Number one is to get the colon moving, that is the first area to shut down anytime someone gets sick whether it be the a cold to a serious diseases.
·        Cayenne is an excellent herb to speed up healing, it creates circulation. When an area is ill there is a lack of circulation. Very high in Vitamin C, too. A drop of cayenne tincture on the tonsils will take the pain away and reduce fever immediately. Just repeat as necessary.
·        Eat cloves of fresh garlic minimum 3 times a day. Garlic is anti everything: antibiotic, antifungal, anticancer, antibacterial, and antiseptic.
·        Hydrotherapy- There is much power in this treatment; do not sell this short. Alternate hot and cold water in your shower; if you have access to a sauna, then it will be extremely beneficial, as well. Do this daily to promote more circulation.
·        Get plenty of rest when you are not feeling well. Many people make matters worse by continuing to push forward with their daily plans, rather than giving their body time to rest and recuperate.
·        Drink hot fluids, such as peppermint tea, which is a great treatment for chills and fevers, and symptoms of cold and flu. Peppermint possesses strong astringent and decongestant actions, which can help in relieving stuffiness, catarrh and it is soothing to aching muscles.
·        Sweat baths with stimulating herbs, such as cayenne, ginger and mustard will help to create circulation, pull out toxins and help open up your breathing passages.
·        If you are congested, prop your head up higher than usual when you go to bed. This will make breathing easier and will help you feel somewhat better.
·        Drink a gallon of distilled water each day, this will grab and flush out inorganic minerals and salt
“The first thing people do when they get a cold or the flu is either reach for over-the-counter medications or call the doctor,” adds Kopera. “This is not necessarily going to get you on the fast track to feeling better plus causes many other health problems down the line. You are better off addressing the symptoms yourself and relying on natural solutions.”